Sample ID: i111
Mineral: Ge-Pyroxene - Ca-Na Pyroxene
Formula: [Ca0.8 Fe0.2] Fe Ge2 O6
Structure: Singony - monoclinic; Space Group - C2/c C2/c-II
Field(s) of interest: Phase transitions, Fe2+
Additional Info: Monoclinic, sp. gr. C2/c, (C2/c-II ); a=10.082, b=9.100, c=5.378, b=104.00, V=478.75.
References: Novikov G.V. , Sypavina L.V. ., 2003   Phase transitions in Ge-Ca-Na-Fe solid solution with pyroxene structure //
Additional files: Info file 1 Info file 2 
Review Information: Ca-Fe Ge-Pyroxene

Spectra: 6
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Spectrum , T=300 K
N-SUBModel M1a
N-SUBModel M1&M2
N-SUBModel Fe3+

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