Sample ID: MAkT
Mineral: Pyroxene - Acmite
Formula: {Na.65Ca.34}[Fe3+.64Fe2+.11Mg.19Al.04Ti.01]Si1.98Al.01O6
Structure: Singony - monoclinic; Space Group - C2/c
Field(s) of interest: Fe2+, Fe3+, Magnetic properties
Additional Info: a=9.681 b=8.811 c=5.306 beta=107.38(5)
References: E Baum, W Treutmann, W Lottermoser, G Amthauer, 1997   Magnetic properties of the clinopyroxenes aegirine and hedenbergite: a magnetic susceptibility study on single crystals // Phys Chem Miner 24: 294-300
Additional files: Info file 1 
Review Information: Test review for evaluation

Spectra: 4
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Spectrum model, T=77 K
SUBModel Fe2+ M1(2), T=77 K
SUBModel Fe2+ M1 (1), T=77 K
SUBModel Fe3+ M1, T=77 K

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