Sample ID: MHd52_T
Mineral: Pyroxene - Hedenbergite
Formula: Ca0.96Mn0.02Fe0.66Mg0.31Al0.06Si1.99O6.02
Structure: Singony - monoclinic; Space Group - C2/c
Field(s) of interest: Fe2+
Additional Info:
References: J Stanek, SS Hafner, JR Regnard, AEl Gorsey, 1986   Temperature-dependent hyperfine parameters in CaFeSi2O6 // Hyperfine Interactions 28 829-835
Additional files: Info file 1 
Review Information: Test review for evaluation

Spectra: 5
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SUBModel model, T=78 K
SUBModel model, T=220 K
SUBModel model, T=295 K

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